CEO’s Message

Founded in 1977, Heemang Note has a unique technology at home and abroad in the field of notebook and sketchbook industry, and is growing to become a comprehensive stationery company that leads the stationery industry with the transition to Heemang Note Co., Ltd. in 2012.

Since early 2015, we have developed a fantastic combination of notebooks and writing instruments, and we have been recognized for our advanced technology and have been playing a leading role in the stationery culture market as a partner of global companies such as Walt Disney and Costco.

With the management policy of “Consumer satisfaction is the goal of the company”, we have automatic manufacturing facilities for sketchbook, production facilities for sticky notes, etc. And, we are investing in continuous research and development and facility investment for the best quality such as introduction of smart factory system with the success of development of quick dry pen ink and erasable pen ink.

Heemang Note Co., Ltd. is steadily growing to provide more eco-friendly and convenient stationery to future generations and to play a role in creating future dreams through various forms of donations for children in underprivileged and developing countries.

Heemang Note Co., Ltd.

CEO Lim Bang-ho